Desafío Guaraní comes to the final stretch after finishing the fourth day of competition. The stage that linked Encarnación with Asunción had Kevin Benavidez (Honda CRF450) in Bikes, Jorge Lafarja (Yamaha Raptor) in 4x2Quads, Daniel Mazzucco (Can Am Renegade) in 4×4 Quads 4×4 and Fernando Álvarez (Toyota Hilux) in Cars as the winners.

The results of the next to last day did not produce any changes in the Overall which continues in the hands of Benavidez, Beto Ramírez (Yamaha Raptor), Daniel Mazzucco (Can Am Renegade) and Peter Jerie (Toyota Hilux), respectively.

Today’s stage was 314.28 kilometers long, going along very fast and quite dry roads compared to the previous days.  Besides, drivers and riders had to face a second sector which was much more complex, with lots of stones in some parts and others with lots of trial.

Tomorrow Desafío Guaraní will be completed with the last stage, which had to be changed due to heavy rains in Bajo Chaco region and now goes to Paraguarí area.  They will be 172 kilometers of full speed before Podium Ceremony, which will start at 4:00 pm in Asunción Promenade.

Bikes Resume – Stage 4

Quads 4×2 Resume – Stage 4

Quads 4×4 Resume – Stage 4

Cars Resume – Stage 4