Cars: Stage for Álvarez, advantage for Jerie


Fernando Álvarez/Luciano Genoni (Toyota Hilux) allowed themselves the pleasure of winning a stage in Paraguayan Dakar Series and could celebrate after the problems in the second day which robbed them of the chance to fight for a good place in the Overall.  Peter Jerie/Laurent Lichtleuchter (Toyota Hilux) continue dominating in the Overall with more than two hours advantage.

In a very fast stage with less mud than in the previous ones, Álvarez took advantage of the speed of his Hilux of the South Racing Team and also profited from Viktor Rempel/Vernon Rempel (Toyota Hilux)’s problems when crossing a watersplash in order to dominate the stage.

“We lost some time regarding Rempel in the first part, but in the second part, which was more difficult, we were able to make up for the lost advantage. Viktor had problems when crossing a river and there we were able to make some difference.  It was a matter of luck, but so are these races”, the Spaniard said after finishing the day.

The second place in the stage was for Martín Maldonado/Sebastián Scholz, who finished 8.15 behind the leader and who finally were able to make good use of the Prototipo Colcar potential. The third place was for Peter Jerie/Laurent Lichtleuchter, who drove at a safe pace, taking care of the more than two hours advantage he has in the Overall over Beto Recalde/Juan Sánchez Bachen (Toyota Hilux).

Viktor Rempel and César Marsal (Toyota Hilux), come behind in the overall. Marsal is also leading in the fight for Dakar Challenge.