4×4 Quads: Mazzucco completted his work


Daniel Mazzucco (Can Am Renegade) won the last stage of Desafío Guaraní – Dakar Series and won the Overall in the 4×4 Quads category.  The many-times Argentine champion defeated his teammates Lucas Zaffi (Can Am Renegade) and Leandro Martínez (Can Am Renegade).

Mazzucco did not have an easy race.  Although Julio Estanguet (Can Am Renegade), one of his main rivals, lost all chances of fighting for the Overall in the first stage, Mazzucco Can Am Team owner found his strongest opponent within his own team since Lucas Innocente (Can Am Renegade) was quite strong on the firts days.

However, Innocente could not follow the pace and in the third stage he had to quit. Since then, Mazzucco had to fight against his own problems but the wide advantage he had regarding his rivals, allowed him to get to the end without much scare.

The second place was for Lucas Zaffi (Can Am Renegade), who was a little over two hours and a half behind the winner, but which was enough for him to get 50% of the Entry Fee for Dakar 2016 as he won Dakar Challenge. On the other side, Leonardo Martínez (Can Am Renegade) completed the top three in the Overall, on a podium dominated by Mazzucco Can Am Team.