4×2 Quads: Lafarja wins the stage, Ramírez controls his advantage


Jorge Lafarja (Yamaha Raptor) was the best in the stage between Encarnación and Asunción and got his first stage victory in the race. On top of the Overall, Beto Ramírez (Yamaha Raptor) dominates comfortably and starts to administer his advantage in view of the last day of competition.

Nothing is defined until the last kilometer in such an extreme race like Desafío Guaraní, but in the 4×2 Quad category it seems that only a catastrophe can snatch the victory from Ramírez, who since the first stage, is doing a clean job in the mud.

However, this Friday was the turn for Jorge Lafarja to do a great performance before his people. The rider from Asunción got the best time setting 3:34.43 to complete the 314,28 kilometers and was 9.38 faster than Ramírez.

The third place was for Marcelo Schmidt (Yamaha Raptor), who is now fourth in the Overall, after Carlos Verza (Yamaha Raptor) delayed and he is also the best in Dakar Challenge classification.

On top of the Overall, Ramírez leads comfortably with more than three hours advantage over Gastón Pando (Yamaha Raptor), and the third place is for Marcelo Fernández (Yamaha Raptor), who in spite of the problems he had in the Quad, stays on the podium.